LUMOA - the natural products sector coordination project (ended in 2017)

Natural products in diversifying value networks – the natural products sector coordination project (LUMOA) provides support for regional cooperation in developing the natural products industry.

​LUMOA distributes information and best practices to project implementers and assists in finding the necessary partners. The project also gathers and develops solutions to common problems in the sector. LUMOA activates development efforts in the sector, raises new project needs, supports innovation activities in the sector and disseminates the results of projects to actors and stakeholders in the industry.

The natural products industry is a growth sector in the bio-economy, with excellent prospects in the domestic and foreign markets, as well as a wealth of untapped potential in the whole of Finland. The LUMOA project runs in Finland in the period 2015–2017, cooperating comprehensively with projects and actors in the natural products sector. One of the project's goals is to coordinate projects to avoid overlapping. LUMOA organises, for instance, meetings, seminars and workshops, gathers information and project results to be posted online, and shares information for example in newsletters. The idea is that the way to achieve quick results from development efforts in the sector is to share activities, knowledge, competencies and best practices!

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The natural products sector coordination project is implemented in collaboration with the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki by the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish 4H Federation, whose specific functions include activating young people's activities in the sector and promoting organic wild collection. Natural Resources Institute Finland focuses on issues related to raw material production in the field and mobilising research data.

University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute
Contact person Juha Rutanen, tel. +358 40 5737 568,
project coordination, communication, networking and development issues

Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)
Contact person Rainer Peltola, tel. +358 29 532 6429,
Raw material production issues and mobilising research data

The Finnish 4H Federation
Contact persons Mari Niska, tel. +358 400 234 041,
support and activation of youth projects
Sampo Juhajoki, tel. +358 50 320 9635,
production of materials
and Eija Vuorela, tel. +358 40 715 1820,
support and activation of organic wild collection certification

Date updated: Feb 17, 2020