Climate change mitigation and adaptation in Finnish agriculture

Progressing climate change causes Finnish agriculture various adaptation needs. Changing agroclimatic conditions, need to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and coping with novel agri-environmental policies challenge also the associated knowledge system. Rural developers, agricultural advisors, farmers, students and other agricultural actors need up-to-date information and knowledge sharing to develop their farming practices, but also strategic and future-oriented farm management skills.


Main aim of the Climate change mitigation and adaptation in Finnish agriculture -coordination project is to support regional projects, which build capacity to face, mitigate, adapt to and cope with climate change on Finnish countryside. The project is promoting exchange of information and experiences between rural developers and facilitating thematic workshops. It also has a communicational goal to raise awareness about concrete climate-wise solutions in Finnish agriculture among rural developers, agricultural advisors, farmers and students, plus the general public. The coordination project delivers events and materials in order to support adaptive capacity and effective climate change mitigation among agricultural actors.

The project is run by Natural Resources Institute Finland, funded by the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland (EAFRD and Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) and takes place over 2018-2021. More information can be found on project website (in Finnish):


The coordination project has four work packages
1) Workshops for rural developers to facilitate exchange of information and experiences, networking and building partnerships
2) Knowledgeable support for regional projects
3) Seminars and workshops for farmers, agricultural advisors and agricultural students to help their coping with climate change
4) Communication via material production, on website, social and printed media to support climate change adaptation and mitigation actions of agricultural actors

Date updated: Feb 17, 2020