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Finnish farmers join forces to seek solutions to the challenges of climate change

The Climate Change and Countryside (ILMASE) project is a national awareness-raising project that brings preparation for climate change closer to the everyday lives of rural entrepreneurs.

The project brings together rural entrepreneurs and counsellors, decision-makers, and researchers, to examine the potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Finnish countryside. The most up-to-date research data on climate change is communicated in a hands-on manner that is in keeping with what rural entrepreneurs need to know about the subject. At the same time, it is possible to identify the most urgent subjects for further research, with a view to Finnish agriculture and promotion of the vitality of the countryside.

In this project, 12 workshops have been organised for rural stakeholders in different parts of Finland. Rural stakeholders interested in climate issues have established an e-mail network.

Useful information has been collected on the project website at It includes data cards on such issues as the practical methods available to farmers for preparation for climate change, and energy production at a farm-level using biogas, solar energy, and wind power. The project has actively spread information about climate issues, at various events for farmers.

Date updated: Feb 17, 2020