Future-oriented work of Maaseutu2030 invites to a journey in time

Maaseutu2030 invites people to look at the importance of the countryside and the changes that will take place in rural areas in the future. What kind of companies will operate in rural areas and what will the service structure be like? How is it possible to ensure that Finland's rural areas will be an internationally important source of wellbeing and a provider of solutions to different needs?

The Rural Network has been involved in the Leader2030 process, examining the status and form that the Leader operating practice will take in the future, and in the Kylät2030 work, which takes a peek into the future of villages. Maaseutu2030, the third project in the series, gives everyone interested an opportunity to have a say in how rural areas will be developed in Finland in 2030. Plans are being made for one more stage of the future-oriented work: CLLD2030.

Maaseutu2030 explores views on what kind of changes Finland's rural areas should prepare themselves for in the near future. On the basis of shared ideas, proposals will be developed into operating models for rural development that meet future customer needs. The results will be included in the preparation of the regional government reform and in the strategy work of the ministries and the Agency for Rural Affairs.

Everyone can participate, regardless of whether they are activists in rural development, authorities, regional developers, researchers, citizens or entrepreneurs and whether they live in the countryside or in towns and cities.

There are three ways to get involved: by taking part in discussions in the Viima platform, by following interesting webinars or by participating in two future-themed camps.

Date updated: Feb 17, 2020